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Psychological Thriller Free on Kindle

J.J. DiBenedetto’s Dream Student (Dream Series Book 1) is free on Kindle today:

“Sara Barnes has her life totally under control. All she has to worry about is college exams, Christmas shopping, applying to medical school–and what to do about the cute freshman who has a crush on her. And everything is going according to plan, until the night she starts dreaming other people’s dreams.

It’s bad enough that every night is a theater of her friends’ and classmates’ secret fantasies. Worse yet are the other dreams, the dark ones featuring a strange, terrifying man committing unspeakable crimes.

As the nightmares increase, Sara’s life becomes a blur of waking and sleeping, of terror and urgency. Because if she was given this dream-sharing gift for a reason, it must be to stop the killer madman she’s come to know all too well. But how can she stop him when she’s just a student, and they’re only dreams?”

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Sci-Fi Saga Free on Kindle

Tony Bertauski’s The Making of Socket Greeny: A Science Fiction Saga is free on Kindle today:

“Socket Greeny is not normal.

His funny name and snow-white hair are the least of his problems. When a devious prank goes bad, Socket and his friends realize they are about to lose everything they’ve worked for in the alternate reality universe of virtualmode.

But when the data drain encroaches on Socket’s subconscious memories, some mysterious force erases the event entirely. Subtle clues suggest there’s more to him than he knows and will lead him to discover why his mom is always at work. And just how far from normal he is.

The beginning of Socket Greeny’s epic journey to save himself begins with the making. The universe is depending on him.”

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Terror Thriller Free on Kindle

Randall Reneau’s The Medinandi License (Trace Brandon Book 4) is free on Kindle today:

“Geologist Trace Brandon has been in Mali less than two months. He’s nearly been killed twice, lost a drilling rig to a well-placed RPG, and fallen for Peace Corps volunteer Molly Wainwright . All pretty much SOP for West Africa, until his friend Gordon Watson is brutally kidnapped by Al Qaeda. Running out of time to meet the ransom demands, Trace turns to a Malian arms dealer and a French-Canadian ex-mobster for help. Together, they come up with a risky, highly illegal scheme to rescue Gordon. If the plan goes south, Trace knows he could end up in prison—or the Bamako expatriate cemetery on Rue de Dakar . . .”

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Fantasy Magic Novel Free on Kindle

Ron C. Nieto’s The Wild Hunt (Faerie Sworn Book 1) is free on Kindle today:

“Lily has a problem. She has just discovered that faeries are real, dangerous, and out to get her. She doesn’t trust her savior, she doesn’t understand his rules… but if she doesn’t play and win, death might be the least of her worries.

Magic still lingers in the mist-covered corners of the world, wherever the Old Ways are remembered. However, as civilization and reason scoff at the Fair Folk, the paths to power have been forgotten by all but a few.

Lily Boyd was meant to become a faerie doctor, a warden of humans and a keeper of balance, until disbelief and pragmatism led her away from the hidden world and into a mundane life. But truth has a way to be heard and she will be forced to face it if she wants to save her family.

Armed with nothing but her childhood memories and protected by a debt of gratitude she doesn’t understand, Lily must decide who to trust while she navigates a world that is darker and more twisted than she is prepared for.

And should she make the wrong choice, should she mistake friend and foe…the eternal balance between the Faerie Courts may shatter, and then there will be more than Lily’s life on the line.”

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Historical Regency Romance Free on Kindle

Holly Newman’s A Grand Gesture: A Traditional Regency Romance is free on Kindle today:

“When Catherine Shreveton was invited to London to make her debut under the auspices of an aunt, her family insisted she go. In a pique, Catherine disguised herself to look as dull and drab as her aunt supposed her to be, and she kept everyone in the dark about her fortune. But Catherine had not counted on the dashing Marquis of Stefton. This nobleman knew she was an heiress, and he had his doubts about her drab appearance. Wouldn’t it be a lark, he mused, to gain the little wren entrée into the most fashionable and prominent circles? And so two pretenders had set their traps unaware that love was the prize.”

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Sports Romance Free on Kindle

Sydney Aaliah Michelle’s  A New Season is free on Kindle today:

In Emma’s book, love is a lie, but she’s ready to turn the page.

Emma has hit loves rock bottom. Damaged by lies and deceit, she has become the kind of woman she hates.

After a chance reunion with her childhood crush, their sizzling chemistry offers Emma a chance at the type of pure love she dreamed about as a girl.

Jaken Tanner is a star, from the most popular guy in school to the face of the NFL. He is a winner with sexy good looks and a heart of gold.

Emma doesn’t deserve someone like Jaken. She is used to being second choice, but Jaken treats her as number one. After she discovers he has secrets of his own; she vows to make it work, but when his past comes back to haunt them, she retreats into her self-destructive ways.

Will the past destroy her chance with the right guy or will Emma realize she has been perfectly molded by her experiences to build a future with her one true love?

A New Season is a passionate sports romance by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle. If you like an alpha male with a heart of gold, a couple with smokin hot chemistry, and a pager turner that’s impossible to put down, then you’ll love Sydney Aaliyah Michelle’s latest stand alone, HEA romance. ”

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Urban Fantasy Free on Kindle

R.T. Lowe’s Freshmen (The Felix Chronicles Book 1) is free on Kindle today:

““Imagine if Voldemort was the Chosen One. A dark and wonderfully disturbing urban fantasy that sets a new standard for those seeking an epic adventure high on substance, grit and originality.”

Reeling from a terrible accident that claimed the lives of his parents, Felix arrives at Portland College hoping only to survive the experience. In time, however, with the help of his reality star roommate, and Allison, his friend from home, he immerses himself in the distractions of college life and gradually dares to believe he can put his past behind him.

But a fateful storm looms on the horizon: In the nearby woods, two hikers become the latest victims in a series of gruesome murders; a disfigured giant embarks on a vicious cross-country rampage, killing teenagers who fail his ‘test’; an ancient society of assassins tasked with eradicating the wielders of a mysterious source of power awakens after a long silence; and a grassroots movement emerges from the shadows to capture the public’s imagination, its hidden agenda as revolutionary and terrifying as the man who created it. Only one man—the school’s groundskeeper—knows that the seemingly unrelated events are connected, and that an eighteen-year-old boy stands in the center of the storm.”

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Paranormal Vampire Novel Free on Kindle

Emma V. Leech’s The Key to Erebus: Les Corbeaux: The French Vampire Legend. Book 1 is free on Kindle today:

“The truth can kill you.

Taken away as a small child, from a life where vampires, the Fae, and other mythical creatures are real and treacherous, the beautiful young witch, Jéhenne Corbeaux is totally unprepared when she returns to rural France to live with her eccentric Grandmother.

Thrown headlong into a world she knows nothing about she seeks to learn the truth about herself, uncovering secrets more shocking than anything she could ever have imagined and finding that she is by no means powerless to protect the ones she loves.

Despite her Gran’s dire warnings, she is inexorably drawn to the dark and terrifying figure of Corvus, an ancient vampire and master of the vast Albinus family.

Jéhenne is about to find her answers and discover that, not only is Corvus far more dangerous than she could ever imagine, but that he holds much more than the key to her heart …”

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Dystopian Novel Free on Kindle

Maxwell Anderson’s Fruitless Endeavors in Vegetable Land is free on Kindle today:

“Meet (artist-gone-activist) ‘Dogpillow’, shifting from oil-paint to spray-paint to something much stranger, while strugg’ling to grasp what one’s ‘making it’ means in an ecosystem upside-down. Invited to a ‘deathday party’—(held for a friend or for freedom, itself?)—he’s set to get a handle on his handle. Can YOU handle it? (Dystopian-comedy hitting the note of rebellious youth…maturing. Both a call to arms-creative and an ode to peacing out.)

ManKIND is oft manMEAN as hell.
The list of comings-short is long.
Let’s wake (and bake) and break ‘the spell’.
Let’s make to ‘write’, with beauty, wrong.
This process needn’t be a bore.
Come. Join us on a novel trip.
We see you, all alone, ashore.
It’s time to go—so, board our ship.
Let’s sail in style while still we can.
And neoPHYTE the master’s ban.
It’s artists versus agitpropists—good men vs. ‘the man’.”

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Spy Thriller Free on Kindle

Mark Hosack’s The Good Spy Dies Twice (Bullseye Book 1) is free on Kindle today:

“Jake Boxer, investigative journalist and host of the conspiratorial news show Bullseye, is in serious trouble. Not only is his soundman murdered by Russian intelligence agents while reporting on a secretive New World Order, but his network cancels his show, leaving Jake humiliated and spiraling into a deep dark depression.

Years later, a condemned murderer, who claims he was abandoned by the CIA, and who starred in an early episode of Bullseye, is finally executed for killing two supposed Soviet spies back in the 1970’s. Jake Boxer, still trying to piece his life back together, is on his honeymoon in a posh ski resort in the Alaskan mountains when he gets word of the inmate’s execution . . . and the old killer’s final words: “The good spy dies twice.”

Those five words, seemingly meant for Jake, draw the ex-reporter out of his forced retirement and into a complex and deadly global conspiracy involving his newlywed wife, the secretive New World Order, and the hotel’s hundred or so “guests.”

Everyone is a suspect.”