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Fantasy Saga Free on Kindle

A.E. Rayne’s Winter’s Fury (The Furyck Saga: Book One) is free on Kindle today:


She was their greatest warrior, the daughter of the king, but her uncle stole the throne and sent her away to marry the drunken son of their worst enemy. Now she must pick up her sword to restore her family’s honour and return to the home she loves.

Despite her reputation as a warrior in Brekka, without her father to protect her, Jael Furyck was merely a pawn, a woman to be married off so that her uncle could forge an alliance to fulfil his own desperate ambitions.

Eadmund Skalleson has been lost, tortured by the death of his first wife, but his father has lost patience with him. He needs heirs for his kingdom. He wants his son restored to the fierce warrior he once was. And when his young daughter has a dream about Jael, the woman who will save him, he makes an alliance that he may live to regret.

Jael and Eadmund will fight against their forced union, but the dreamers know that this marriage is meant to be. It must happen for the sake of Osterland. For without them, without Jael and her mysterious sword, without Eadmund by her side, none of the kingdoms will survive the darkness that is coming to claim them all.”

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Sci-Fi Space Opera Free on Kindle

A.K. Frailey’s Last of Her Kind is free on Kindle today:

“Cerulean, a guardian-alien from Lux, wants to save humanity from extinction, but when his race begins to use humans in crossbreed experiments, he must let go of his past and help forge a new world.”

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Historical Romance Free on Kindle

Angela Shanks’ The Blood And The Barley (The Strathavon Saga) is free on Kindle today:

An Evocative Tale of Kinship and Survival. Loyalty and Love.

The North-Eastern Highlands, 1780. The Jacobite cause is lost, and in the aftermath of Culloden, the government seeks to crush the rebellious Highlands. There must be no more risings. In Strathavon, crofters risk their lives smuggling illicit whisky that they may remain on their native land. For here land and kinship mean all.

Fiercely independent, Morven MacRae is the daughter of a notorious smuggler. To be a healer like her neighbour Rowena is her greatest wish. Only Rowena is allegedly a witch. Her life and those of the glen smugglers blighted by a ruthless exciseman. A man possessed – both with the want of her and the fear of her. A man who would have her for his wife or have her turned out of the glen.

Evicted from Strathavon as an infant, Rowena’s kinsman Jamie Innes is driven by honour and an abiding loyalty. And by a desire to belong. When he returns to the glen of his birth, Morven prays he will protect Rowena. And against her better judgement feels drawn to this passionate young Highlander. A man who claims to hold feelings for her. But can he be trusted?

For this is a mystical land where superstitions abound. Where secrets set them against each other and loyalties are tested. Can Jamie save the last of his kin? Or will he betray the woman he loves?

Rich with historical detail and the lore of the Highlands, The Blood And The Barley is a sensitive love story perfect for fans of the Outlander novels of Diana Gabaldon and the Poldark novels of Winston Graham. A full-blooded tale of raw emotion, prejudice, and injustice. ”

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Fantasy Novel Free on Kindle

Sarah Addison-Fox’s Disowned: Allegiance series #1 is free on Kindle today:

“Two countries, two choices, one life

When Kyraenean slave Celeste risks her life to reach the free nation of Etraea, a country filled with technology and wealth, she unknowingly sets off a chain of events that will change her life forever.

After escaping her new owner, Celeste awakens in the home of an Etraean soldier, sworn to protect the fragile peace.

For Corporal Mick Haynes, life is simple. Follow the rules, do your job and work your way up the ranks. Getting shot and finding a wanted slave at his family’s farm wasn’t part of the plan.

When a Kyraenean bounty hunter locates Celeste, Mick’s loyalty will be stretched to the limit.

With war on the horizon, Celeste faces two impossible choices. Both securing her freedom, but both at a cost she could never have imagined.

Will Etraea provide the freedom she’s longed for or shackle her to an entirely new master?”

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Romantic Comedy Free on Kindle

Susie Tate’s Beg, Borrow, or Steal is free on Kindle today:

“Jamie is proud of everything he’s achieved. A consultant anaesthetist and the Medical Education Director – he’s a pretty big deal. So when one of his medical students falls asleep, right in the middle of a tutorial, he is furious. He’s a bloody good teacher, damn it!

Maybe he could have been a little more understanding. Maybe he didn’t have to try and humiliate her. But the shock of how beautiful this particular student was when she finally opened her eyes, and his inappropriate reaction, only fuelled his anger. He’s tired of lame excuses from wild party animals burning the candle at both ends, and he’s going to make an example of this one.

For Libby, pride is a luxury and beauty is currency. Pregnant at seventeen and an aspiring doctor, she couldn’t afford to be proud, so she cashed in on her looks instead. She will beg, borrow or steal to achieve her dreams and give her daughter the life she deserves, even if she has to forgo sleep – even if she has to leave her dignity behind.

But there’s only so far you can push yourself, only so much pressure you can be under until you break. Libby’s been on that cliff edge for a while; her health and the gorgeous, judgmental Education Director may just tip her over.

A kick in the shin from an adorable (if slightly scary) four-year-old and a confrontation with her tearful, exhausted mother soon forces Jamie to see what a bastard he’s been. Libby may not accept his help, but he’s relentless when he wants something, and it’s not long before he realizes that this mother and daughter belong with him …”

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Mystery Adventure Free on Kindle

Jada Ryker’s Murder Takes a Dare (The Marisa Adair Mystery Adventures Book 1) is free on Kindle today:

““I’ve gotten myself in too deep—” Jonah’s last words are an epitaph to a life spent on the wrong side of the law.

Marisa Adair is shocked when Jonah, a former friend from her chaotic past of drinking and partying, surfaces, only to be murdered. She must solve the crime before the killer destroys her new life.

To find the murderer, Marisa partners with unusual collaborators. Dithering Russell is focused on ferreting out secrets, including her colorful past. Childhood friend Alex is a chief financial officer and the chief pain in her . . . neck. Esther is the daughter of a former agent in the FBI’s controversial “Dickless Tracy” program for women. She learned to disable an opponent in hand-to-hand combat around the same time she learned to spell and throw the quintessential tea party.

Marisa’s strangest ally is Laithe. The part-Abyssinian cat, with a big personality and even larger attitude, has his special part to play in the life-or-death investigation.

Marisa must revisit her dark past of childhood deprivation and adult struggles with addiction. The clues point to the shadowy underbelly of a notorious club, the setting for the glittering fool’s gold of her old double life. Can Marisa and her friends solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again?”

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Western Time Travel Fantasy Free on Kindle

Ginny Sterling’s Enchanted by You: Timeswept Soulmates (Timeless Brides Book 3) is free on Kindle today:

“Astronaut Sabine Taylor’s enjoying the rush of her first solo flight into space when things go awry. An odd woman suddenly appears in the shuttlecraft with her, a magical woman named Eve. Sabine is yanked from all she’s ever known and dumped in the middle of Texas 1850. Told by Eve to masquerade as a boy for her own protection, she gets to know her new handsome cowboy. His rugged good looks draw her like a magnet and the energy between them promises so much more!

Jack Noble isn’t looking for a relationship. His life in the saddle as a Texas Ranger has pulled him repeatedly from his home, giving him freedom to do what he wants. Open skies, adventure and honor are his lifeblood, until a bedraggled boy suddenly appears in the middle of nowhere asking to join him and his comrades. He is confused, bothered and mocked by the other Rangers at how tender and protective he is of the “boy” – until he finds out that he is a she!

Can Jack and Sabine find a way to overcome the differences between them? Or will a touch of magic have them completely enchanted by each other?”

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Romantic Suspense Free on Kindle

Alora Kate’s A Beautiful Heartbreak (the NYC Series Book 1) is free on Kindle today:

What happens when a plain Jane process server runs into a complicated, high-powered lawyer?

No one said that life in New York City was going to be easy.
So, when Ki’s life gets completely flipped upside down,
she seeks the safety of a disorganized man of few words.

Is he the hero Ki needs, or will he push her away?

This is the first book in the NYC Series.”

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Psychological Thriller Free on Kindle

Jana DeLeon’s Malevolent (Shaye Archer Series Book 1) is free on Kindle today:

“Everyone wondered about Shaye Archer’s past. Including Shaye.

Shaye Archer’s life effectively began the night police found her in an alley, beaten and abused and with no memory of the previous fifteen years, not even her name. Nine years later, she’s a licensed private investigator, with a single goal—to get answers for her clients when there aren’t supposed to be any.

And maybe someday, answers for herself.

Emma Frederick thought her nightmare was over when she killed her abusive husband, but someone is stalking her and tormenting her with mementos from her past. With no evidence to support her claims, the police dismiss her claims as post-traumatic stress, but Shaye is convinced that someone is deliberately terrorizing Emma…playing a cat and mouse game with only one goal in mind.

To kill Emma. ”

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Post Apocalyptic Thriller Free on Kindle

Nicki Huntsman Smith’s Troop of Shadows: Book One in the Troop of Shadows Chronicles Kindle Edition is free on Kindle today:

“A catastrophic pandemic ravages the globe, reducing the human population to extinction levels and cleansing the world of mediocrity.

A doomsday prepper, a molecular geneticist, a journal-keeping loner, and a martial arts-trained nerd survive the disease that annihilated almost everyone else on the planet. Despite the miles between Kansas and California, Texas and Arizona, the four share a connection.

They realize that not dying was the easy part.

Now a year later, they navigate a bleak world…one without technology, without modern medicine, and without law and order. They must unify their diverse strengths not only to rebuild civilization, but to battle those who would forge empires through brutality and oppression.

“There is one who would rule the world or see it burn.”

Fans of Stephen King’s “The Stand” will love this novel. Intricately plotted, superbly paced, and brought to life by fully-developed protagonists, quirky supporting characters, and charming villains, the Troop of Shadows Chronicles is a tour de force. It is the unfolding story of the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, and is populated with some of the most entertaining people you will ever meet.”