Q: How do I download free books on the Kindle?

A:  It’s easy! If you are using your Kindle or Kindle Fire, simple click on the link below the book cover, “download it here”.  Likewise, if you are using the Kindle app for your iPad or iPhone, or Kindle for your PC simply click the link.  You’ll then be taken to the Amazon page for that book. Click “read it now” in the upper right of the page. You can then download the book to your Kindle, iCloud reader, or PC.

If you are using “one click purchase”, make sure that it is still free! You can check the price on the book’s Amazon page.


Q: How long are books free?

A: Promo periods during which books are offered for free on Kindle vary.  In the KDP Select Program, authors may choose to set a book enrolled in KDP Select free for up to 5 days per 90 days.  The author may choose to do, say, one promo period of 5 days, or 5 promo periods of 1 day, or anything in between.

Other authors have marketing relationships with Amazon, and can offer titles for free for a longer or shorter period of time.


Q: Is the KDP Select Program worth it for authors?

A: Enrolling in the KDP program carries with it a number of constraints (the KDP Select FAQ is located here).   Namely, the book in question cannot be offered for sale anywhere else while enrolled in KDP Select.  Authors deciding whether to enroll in KDP Select need to solve the following:

How much are you making on all other sales channels, i.e. Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, and Sony eReader?  Does the value gained from enrolling in KDP Select outweigh the revenue from those channels each 90 days?

Now, what exactly is the benefit of enrolling in KDP Select?  It’s the promo period! Most of the books we profile on YourDailyEbooks.com are KDP Select books on the free promo.   Setting your book to free drastically increases the number of downloads per day (of course, you’re not getting paid for free downloads).  The benefit of this is twofold. First, it showcases your book to a wide audience.  If your book is good, it should travel via word of mouth, and be posted on other blogs, etc.  Secondly, making your book free makes it show up in the “customers who bought this also bought” ribbon, located on the book’s Amazon page.  This effectively serves as free advertising, since your book will show up in the ribbon on other book pages, whose customers have also bought your book when it was free.


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