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Mystery Thriller Free on Kindle

Erik Therme’s Roam is free on Kindle today: “When three lives intersect in an unsavory hotel with a bloody history, each will struggle to exorcise their personal demons, unaware that a bigger threat is looming . . . and waiting for the right moment to strike. Like Joshua Gaylord and Daniel Kraus before him, author [...]

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Mystery Novel Free on Kindle

Tim Holcombe’s The Charlatan’s Son is free on Kindle today: “John Marshall Potts was born with all odds stacked against him. Raised in utter poverty, the oldest child in a family of sharecroppers, Marshall’s life takes a dramatic turn when he finds the body of a local merchant’s daughter in the woods near his home. The [...]

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Victorian Historical Novel Free on Kindle

LL Neal’s The Duke’s Dangerous Darling (Tumbling Green Book 1) is free on Kindle today: “Lady Edwina wants nothing to do with the man her mama has said she must marry. She has ideas of her own, she doesn’t want to marry the local squire her mama has selected. She wants to travel, to have adventures, [...]

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Paranormal Thriller Free on Kindle

Aubrey Wynne’s Saving Grace: (Enchanted Keepsakes) is free on Kindle today: “The ghost of the Pungo Witch meets a shattered heart. Jackson Hahn, Virginia Beach’s local historian, has his eyes on the mysterious new woman in town. When she enters his office, he is struck by her haunting beauty and the raw pain in her eyes. [...]

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Historical Mystery Free on Kindle

Phil Philips’ Mona Lisa’s Secret: A Historical Fiction Mystery & Suspense Novel is free on Kindle today: “Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones! Historical fiction – Mystery & Suspense Thriller Joey is the great-grandson of Vincenzo Peruggia, the man who stole the original Mona Lisa in 1911. Along with his girlfriend, Marie, an art connoisseur, he [...]

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5 History Books Free on Kindle

Charles River Editors has 5 free nonfiction books free on Kindle today:

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Paranormal Romance Collection Free on Kindle

Skye Malone’s Hidden Realms: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Bundle is free on Kindle today: “Strong, independent heroines join together with mysterious, dangerous heroes in explosive conflicts that are as much external as they are internal. Hidden Realms has all of this along with mermaids, shape shifters, demigods, fae, demons and half-breeds with even darker inheritances. [...]

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Contemporary Romantic Comedy Free on Kindle

Barbara Lohr’s Finding Southern Comfort: A Heartwarming Prequel (Windy City Romance Book 0) is free on Kindle today: “Harper Kirkpatrick is not what Cameron Bennett expects for the bachelor party in his Savannah mansion. She’s desperate when he sends her home in her cat costume. Jobs are scarce and eviction looms. Former boyfriend Billy took off [...]

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Fantasy Alien Romance Novel Free on Kindle

Anna Zaires’ Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 1) is free on Kindle today: “From the New York Times bestselling author of Twist Me comes an addictive, thrilling tale of dark love set on post-invasion Earth… In the near future, the Krinar rule the Earth. An advanced race from another galaxy, they are still a mystery [...]

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Fantasy Novel Free on Kindle

Rose Channing’s The Mansion’s Twins (At the Crossworlds Book 1) is free on Kindle today: “A beautiful, magical world was ravaged by a terrible storm. Homes destroyed, families torn apart, and even the sweetest magic twisted by darkness. Even years later, the world remains damaged, unbalanced, and dangerous, waiting for someone who might restore what was [...]