March 11, 2018

Sci-Fi Erotica Free on Kindle

Elliot Slim’s The Seed of Adam is free on Kindle today:

“The Adam’s seed formula:
Mix into a mid-size book the following elements:
-Erotism: One of good taste but with no excesses. Quality over quantity.
-Science fiction: Just the right amount for the plot to be original but avoiding shrillness.
-Humor: Preferably absurd and surrealistic. Do not use worn-out or rancid humor. It is advised to check the expiration date carefully.
-Intrigue: The more the merrier. Side effects: it can cause strong addiction.
Stir nice and creatively until you have a homogenous mixture. Finally, carefully pour into a container previously sterilized with preconceived ideas.
Adam has to donate semen at a fertility clinic. This action will unleash series events that could change the entire future of humankind… Or it might not.
This is an erotic-fiction story. Fun, exciting, intriguing but above all, different and original.”

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