February 12, 2018

Romantic Comedy Free on Kindle

Lori Soard’s Man of Means: A Romantic Comedy Millionaire Romance (Miracles Landing Book 1) is free on Kindle today:

“(A romantic comedy millionaire romance | second chance at love | sports romance) Jenna McBay’s bookstore is in financial difficulties. If she loses it, she also loses her parents’ legacy and the opportunity to help her sisters through college. She needs help, and fast! When Jenna’s aunt dies and leaves her an ancient trunk of books, however, one title–How to Wed a Man of Means–seems to fit her situation perfectly. Now, if she can only turn the head of handsome, ex-football hero Slade Walker, her situation might improve. But will the man of her dreams become romantically interested in her and think her the perfect stepmother for his infant daughter, or will the crazy advice from the old book keep Jenna and Slade from finding true and everlasting love?

*Note: This book was previously titled “Finding Ms. Right” but is being re-released under original title.”

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