November 14, 2017

P.I. Mystery Free on Kindle

Dan Taylor’s Our Little Secret (Jake Hancock Private Investigator Mystery series Book 5) is free on Kindle today:

Our Little Secret is the fast-paced and action-packed fifth chapter in the Jake Hancock series of private investigator mysteries, and a sequel of the #1 bestselling comedic mystery Kiss Hidden Lies. We hope you enjoy it!

Hollywood-based private investigator Jake Hancock is retired…again. Until Megan Books, a former client and friend, comes back into his life. Megan hasn’t just shown up at Jake’s door to shoot the breeze. She’s got a gig for Hancock. One really personal to her.

Megan needs Hancock to find out what her boyfriend was doing in Hickston, a small town hundreds of miles away from Vegas, the place he said he was for the weekend.

Jake heads to the town, but on the way, he comes across a drugged-out-of-her-mind college-age girl walking by the side of the freeway. She’s been raped. Where? In the same town Megan’s boyfriend visited for the weekend. And the sheriff, according to the girl, didn’t seem too concerned about her rape allegation.

Hancock has two cases to investigate in Hickston. What he doesn’t realize is that one of the investigations could be deadly. But which one?”

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