April 15, 2018

Modern Noir Free on Kindle

Erik Sturm’s Up and up: A modern noir is free on Kindle today:

What do you do when one of your best friends is a psychopath?

Sebastian Rake needs to escape the suburbs. With only bitter memories and an expulsion notice behind him, he’s going to the city to become someone. But to help a vulnerable woman with a secret, he needs a favour — and in London, favours are never free.

A decade later he is someone, with the penthouse, the money and the blow to prove it. A chance meeting with old friends offers a shot at the one person he didn’t know he lacked. Then, as the impossible happens and the stocks start to fall, a buried secret rises from his past to threaten what’s left. How far will Rake go to stay on the up and up?

Up and up is a modern noir set across the teenage and adult years of a working class man who can’t escape his past. A gritty, pacey suspense novel full of the truth of London-native Erik Sturm’s upbringing. If you like Martina Cole or Donna Tartt, you’ll love this.”

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